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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Auburn Stymied at Clemson

Images provided by  @AURobUSA

Auburn's offense put on an anemic performance Saturday evening at Clemson's version of "Death Valley."

The vaunted Auburn running game netted a mere 38 yards, while the total offensive output was just 117 yards. Jarrett Stidham seldom found time in the pocket, and when he did his receivers weren't open.  

The following chart is from the official Auburn Football website.

Team TotalsAUCU
First Downs1318
Net Yards Rushing3899
Net Yards Passing79185
Total Offense Yards117284
Fumbles: Number-Lost1 - 02 - 2
Penalties: Number-Yards5 - 438 - 60
Punts - Yards8 - 3246 - 256
Possession Time32:2527:35
Third-Down Conversions6 of 17 (0.353)9 of 16 (0.563)
Fourth-Down Conversions1 of 2 (0.500)0 of 0 (0.000)
Sacks By: Number-Yards3-2311-72
Field Goals2-2 (1.000)0-1 (0.000)

The Auburn defense however, continued to play extremely well. 

Clearly there is a ton of work still to do. With a new offensive coordinator, and quarterback, the Tigers are going to have to find a cure, and quick. After the Mercer game, the road becomes even more difficult.

Hold you heads up Tiger fans. There is still everything we want to play for, in front of us. 


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