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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Just my thoughts...

No big secret here but I get extremely anxious before games. I am always very excited but nervous in the back of my mind. I do not remember feeling this to this extreme before 2004. The girls in my family got together and make some cake pops and cupcakes early in the afternoon. Ella made a banner. Emma drew the AU on the cupcakes. I thought she did pretty well considering she's 10.

The day progressed.  There were not really any games keeping my attention most of the afternoon, so I just felt more and more anxious as the afternoon passed. (If yall laugh at this, I will not believe that you do not also feel the same way) Southern Miss did not do as well as I had hoped. The USM band played a song for Texas usually reserved only for senior day. Finally it was time for the game. I was all a jumble of nerves and excitement. Then of course, we hear about the suspensions because it wouldn't be Auburn football without last minute drama (although I had heard rumors of suspensions earlier in the week on local sports radio. A couple of them made me feel more anxious. The game started finally! I got a little anxious around the beginning of the 2nd quarter but I was glad when I could relax a little. Since you don't need me to recap the entire game, here are my thoughts:

Jarrett: Not bad, I knew he needed to shake off some rust. I was impressed that he was able to keep it together and get back in rhythm.

Kerryon: I hope he's ok! He was having a heckuva game. He sure does have a pretty smile.

Kam Martin: Stepped up to the plate big time! Did his home state very proud!!! For the most part, you would never think he wasn't the starting RB. I was incredibly proud of what he was able to do. I think he was fantastic.

Will Hastings: (almost called him Will Herring- Not that it would be a bad comparison ) Wow! So glad he got a scholarship. That catch in the endzone was a thing of beauty. I have really missed touchdown passes, especially that corner of the end zone catch.

Prince Tega: Proud that he got to start.

Braden Smith: Made some great blocks. There was one in particular that was very "To the bus, Coach."

Ryan Davis: His TD catch and run was also a thing of beauty. I've missed seeing the passing touchdowns.

O-Line overall: Needs a little bit of work but they finally seemed to get in the swing of things.

Daniel: Have faith in him. Just a little bump in the road. He is human after all. I tell you though. Every time the announcers mentioned his streak for PATs, it made me nervous. Not that I don't have faith in Daniel but I'm so superstitious in sports!!

Devin Adams: I was really proud to see him play. I thought he did well.

I know I am probably leaving someone out. I know it got a little rough there for a little while but what I liked best was the adjustment and energy. I think the adjustments were something we have not seen in a while.

Defense: Like whoa. I was super impressed.

Tre: Wow, what a performance. I cannot say enough about how well he is playing. If you haven't watched the video on Deshaun and Tre, you need to watch it.

Deshaun: He amazes me every year. So happy for his success.

Jeff Holland: Have yourself a game, young man. I noticed on the Football Review, he said he thought he played pretty well. Yeah, I'd say you did, Jeff!!!

Derrick Brown: excellent game- dude played great.

Marlon Davidson: Enjoyed seeing him go at full speed!

Tray Matthews; Great as always

I know there are some that I have left out. This is just what I can remember.  I was thoroughly excited and impressed with the defense. I know they know some of the things they need to work on and I have faith there will be improvements. I was glad to see halftime adjustments and improvements which is something that I think we missed last year. For the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. I cannot wait to see Kam P and Kyle next week. Anyone else experience anxiety all throughout the day of a game? I will have it especially if we have a late late game. I do not know why. I do deal with anxiety on a regular basis.

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