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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

What Can & Can't Happen

photo by: Tiffany Pyle

I will attempt, key word there, to look at the upcoming game at Kyle Field against Texas A&M.

What Can Go Wrong:

If Derrick Brown isn't near full strength, and the injury that caused him to be pulled during the Kent St. game is more serious than we were led to believe. Then someone has to step up and fill that void. If not, the effect could be detrimental to Auburn's chances.

If Prince Tega is still a no show as he was during the Kent St. game, the offensive line will have to shuffled around because, oh yeah,  the injury to Bailey Sharp. It's my assumption that Jack Driscoll will be moved to left tackle, and Nick Brahms will step in at center. That moves the right side of the line outward.
The fourth game into the season is where you would hope the offensive line could start asserting itself strongly. Chemistry having already been established. 

Throw in a few position changes, and a new player inserted and you get a big fat question mark in an area that was already under heavy (pardon the pun) scrutiny.

Auburn's defense has been a little shaky against the pass. If this keeps up, things could get messy in a hurry. 

Kellen Mond is a true threat to run. He's also very capable of keeping plays alive, and thus giving his receivers plenty of time to find an open spot on the field. Auburn simply can not let this happen very often. The results will be a very tired Auburn defense, and a road loss of epic proportions.

What Can Go Right:

The injuries to Derrick Brown, and Prince Tega are very minor, both play, and thus the musical chairs game wouldn't be necessary along the offensive or defensive lines.

Auburn must be able to run the ball effectively in order for the offense to operate at a high level. Continued improvement in this area is a must against SEC opponents. If we see more improvement in the run game, Auburn can make this a good game. 

If Auburn can somehow start connecting on some of the longer pass plays, then good things will happen. The Aggies have a weakness. Their pass defense is not where they would want it to be heading into conference play. If Auburn can exploit that, it could get ugly for the home team.


Auburn could play a flawless game and score 40+ points. I don't see it happening, but....

This will most likely be a defensive battle with a ton of adjustments made by both squads. Who makes them quicker, and better? Who wins the turnover margin? Which team wants it more? 

A loss here doesn't bode well for Auburn with the difficult schedule they still have in front of them. While a win doesn't guarantee anything. 

Texas A&M on the other hand simply can not afford to lose another game. They would stand zero chance at making the playoffs if they lose at home to Auburn.

The Aggies have lost their primary RB for at least this game. 

That makes it Auburn 27 Aggies 24.


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