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Sunday, September 1, 2019

A message from my orange and blue soul

Fourteen weeks ago, we suffered an immeasurable loss to our Auburn Family. Rod and Paula were called home leaving two children, family, friends and the Auburn Family in shock. This is right after in my humble opinion was the most amazing year in Auburn Athletics history.

As the game started yesterday, for the first time in 24 years of marriage, my wife and I sat down next to each other to watch Auburn Football. You see, I tend to scream and get loud but yesterday was not about the outcome it was about being able to share. To share the moments that would be unfolding in the game. We watched the team and the institution we both graduated from and love. A week ago, we got a sobering reality check that we are lucky to even be here sharing this moment.

I was not able to do the 100’s of the tweets during the game, I am not back there yet, giving status, graphics and my opinion (which is only that) about what is going on. I am just not fully there yet, but I did follow my feed by reading what others were tweeting. Al Kotero had to remind everyone football was a 4 Quarter game 😀

The message is simple, and I tweeted it yesterday but wanted to put it in a post, so it did not fly by on a feed. I believe it is that important.

Live the experiences and moments in life to their fullest always believing, hoping and supporting. There will be ups and downs but always, always know that if you believe and are a supporter when things bounce back the triumphs are a thousand times sweeter… don’t take for granted the ability to be here, in the now, with your family and friends sharing in what you love and are passionate about. 
We know it can all change in a second...

Some took to twitter in the first half expressing opinions and feedback, it is absolutely your right to do so. I can tell you as my wife and I sat watching, believing and knowing that we are Auburn, and this is just what Auburn does. We just believed and were supporting our coaches and players for better outcomes, wanting the defense to shake it off and get a stop, and they did. Knowing that they would and could turn it around and that just being able to watch football again was honestly a blessing within itself.

Be positive, believe and supportive. I guarantee you that our players and coaches do not go and get on that field in front of the hundreds of thousands if not millions of fans to fail. They want to win. Positivity breeds positive outcomes. Yes, this may be sunshine pumping, but I will tell you, feel blessed and thankful that you get to share that sunshine today with your loved ones. Feel blessed, we all are to be a part of the Auburn Family.

War Eagle


A couple of game comments and shout outs.

Bo Nix, way to never lose your confidence, you stood there and believed, Gus believes, your Dad believes and not that it matters but I saw you handle yourself in adversity and I believe.

Joey Gatewood, thank you, without you, we do not win. You showed me you are a team player, I am excited to see more of you in the weeks to come.

Boobie, Kam, Eli, Seth, Sal, Spencer, Eli and everyone else way to hold onto the rock!

Big Kat way to run! 

Defense, if they are the best offensive line in college football, feed the next 11 games!

Offensive line, you know what you need to do, get it done! I believe in you all! Be better than yesterday!

Andy Burcham, God bless you and the strength you show, great calls, awesome energy, sending you a big Auburn Family hug.

R.I.P. Rod and Paula

4 comments: said...

What a beautiful post and I totally agree. Missed Rod yesterday for sure. Didn't know what it would be like without him. But it was great. As far as Auburn I love them and believe in them. They are only going to get better. And what a post about you and your wife. War Eagle!

AURobUSA said...

Thank you Jane, we are so blessed to be a part of the Auburn family. the kind thoughts and prayers have helped more than words could ever express. Thank you so much. War Eagle!!!

Vickie said...

This is truly the best post I have read about our Auburn team and our Auburn loss ages weeks ago. You sharing your heart about you and your wife says a lot about what an awesome man you are and how much you love your wife. A true Auburn fan hasn’t lost until the clock has no time left on it. Our blood runs orange and blue and our words are WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!

AURobUSA said...

Thank you Vickie! War Eagle 4-ever! I absolutely appreciate your kind words and feedback. Everyday we are getting a little stronger... and we are humbled and blessed to have the Auburn Family's support. Peace be with you!