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Sunday, May 1, 2016

"Bo Bikes Bama"

It was a beautiful Spring day in Auburn, Alabama for the Bo Jackson benefit bicycle ride.  Here're a few of my photos from  event. It did seem to me that there were more cyclists this year than in the past. This was the fifth year of the ride and over a million dollars has been raised to assist the tornado victims in the State of Alabama. It was good to see fans from various schools in the SEC riding their bikes together and putting aside their differences for a few hours. I even talked to a couple from Michigan and gave them some guidance for their post ride Auburn experience. Cycling seems to bring people together regardless of their allegiance to a college.

I did see Gus Malzahn and Jay Jacobs join the 20 mile ride. Also, Brett Favre and Lance Armstrong came out to contribute.

I compliment Chicken Salad Chick for catering lunch for the event. Their chicken salad sandwich is always good.

You can check out the"Bo Bikes Bama" website or twitter page if you want to ride or attend the event next year.   

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