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Monday, May 30, 2016

Another College Softball World Series Visit for Auburn

As you all know by now, the Auburn Girls Softball team will be heading to the College World Series for the second year in a row. The Auburn Girls had to win two games on Sunday on a hot and humid afternoon in Auburn, Alabama. My compliments to the Auburn grounds crew and their families for setting up a tent outside the left field fence and offering us drinks during the game. They do keep the Auburn Softball field in great condition.

Kaylee Carlson and Makayla Martin both pitched well and Auburn defeated the Arizona Wildcats 4-1 in the first game and 6-1 in the second game. I think that freshman Makayla Martin is now a veteran after pitching well in game 2. I did feel like I was watching a different Auburn team perform on Sunday after Auburn went down to the Wildcats 5-3 on Saturday. Auburn's defense and hitting was much improved on Sunday and Haley Fagan came up with a two run double in game 2 and solo home run that landed near our tailgate area in the left center field area in game 3. We retrieved the ball for Haley and made sure that she got that ball back. Haley had missed most of the season due to a knee injury so her performance gets the nod from this guy.

Also, Emily Carosone continued to excel on Sunday. She was 3 for 5 with an RBI in the first game. Kasey Coper did get an RBI even though she was not getting any good pitches to hit for obvious reasons. If softball was a part of the Summer Olympics this year, Emily Carosone and Kasey Cooper would be on the USA team. 

Tiffany Howard accounted for 2 RBIs in the first game and Madi Gipson had an RBI. Carlee Wallace caught two great games and she had 2 RBIs in the second game. I continue to be amazed at her performance behind the plate and you seldom see any teams try to steal bases due to her arm. 

After the game, the Auburn players entered the crowd to visit with their families, meet with the fans sign autographs. Several players even assisted the Auburn fans with rolling the tree that is near the gate entrance.

I did get home last night in time to watch the end of the Oregon/UCLA game. UCLA did win 2-1 so Auburn will be facing UCLA on Thursday afternoon. If Auburn does defeat UCLA, they will then play the winner of the FSU/UGA game. This will be an interesting World Series and Auburn has already defeated 4 of the teams that will be playing for the National Softball Championship this season.

 Clint Myers did take the Arizona State Sun Devils to the College World Series 7 times and he did win a ring in 2008 and 2011, so I do like Auburn's odds at winning a ring this year.

Enjoy the games and War Eagle!  

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