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Monday, May 16, 2016

2016 Road to the College Softball World Series

Auburn Softball Regional – May 

20-22 at Auburn, Alabama

Oregon St. (30-18-1) vs. USC 

Upstate (43-12)

Jacksonville St. (41-15) vs. No. 4 

seed Auburn* (49-9)

Here are the teams that will 

participate in the Auburn Softball 

Regional tournament which will 

begin this Friday.  Auburn will play 

Jacksonville State at 6 P.M. CDT on 

Friday. This tournament will be 

double elimination and the winner 

will be decided on Sunday 

afternoon. If Auburn does win 

there will be a Super Regional in 

Auburn the following weekend and 

it could be a rematch with

I will be providing updates on 

Twitter or just follow "Auburn 

Softball" on Twitter. 
Enjoy the games and War Eagle!

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