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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


In the quiet moments we can reflect,
On Iron Bowls of seasons past!!
Bringing back hope when some have lost faith,
And making AUSOME memories that last!

The iron bowl is not just another game!
It is the most important one of the season!
To try explaining  the feeling when we win,
Goes way beyond any reason!!

When all is on the line,
Our tigers always remain in the fight!!
Stretching out far beyond their limits,
Never losing the prize that's in  our sight!!

Sometimes it's a David versus Goliath;
Or it means against a bully to stand tall!!
But having a whole year of bragging rights,
Is the greatest feeling of all!!

This year our Tiger’s path has been rocky;
Some games have brought us to our knees!
We have learned from this humility;
And a win we will achieve!!

We have risen to the top of the mountain
And taken a plunge in the depths of despair,
But the feeling of elation when bringing Bama down,
Is like no other feeling to compare!!

So, With all to gain and nothing to lose,
Our Auburn Tigers will throw caution to the wind!!
Finding an inner strength, we will stay in the fight
And our victory will prevail in the end !!!


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