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Thursday, November 5, 2015

AU @ Texas A&M
Sat. Nov 6 2015

We made mistakes with Ole Miss!!
But, Clearly our Auburn Tigers are returning!
They have a winning desire again;
And a fire that won't stop burning!!

Our team is showing progress;
And signs of victory are everywhere!!
Our defense is fighting harder!;
And excitement fills the air!!!

Of course there's room for improvement!!
There are moves that still need tweaking!!
But our men are definitely forging ahead;
And their confidence is peaking!!

New team leaders have emerged;
Like Sean White and Carl Lawson!!
Those guys have the true Auburn Spirit;
And their work ethic is AUsome!!

We are witnessing greatness return to Auburn!!
That Winning feeling is back on the plains!!
The dark cloud of disappointment is fading;
And the bright ray of  hope remains!!

Expect BIG things to occur in Texas, 
When we take the AGGIES by surprise!!!
The never quit Auburn Tigers will emerge!!
And like a Phoenix, our WAR EAGLE will arise!!


poetic tiger

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