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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Auburn vs Ole Miss Poem

Our loss to Arkansas was a let down!
A case of too little too late!!
Our team was off balance
Coming out of the gate!!

It took too much time,
To get everyone on beat,
Focus was lost, mistakes were made!!
Which led to our defeat!

It's time to find our  rhythm!!
Stay focused and get aligned!!
We have what is needed,
But we are almost out of time!!

We must shut out the negativity;
Close our ears to all the naysay!!!!;
Take charge of the moment!!;
Stand together and seize the day!!!

It is not a lack of ability
From our tigers or their coaches!!!
But our men seem to lose confidence,
When adversity approaches!

Beating the Ole Miss Rebels,
Would be just the needed spark,
That leads us into a bright future,
And out of the gloomy dark!!!

Tigers remember your commitment,
To be there for your brother!!
Keep your eye on the prize!;
And protect one another!!

Your Auburn Family loves you!
In Auburn Tigers we believe!
Give of your best, heart and soul!
There is nothing you cannot achieve!!

Shut down the rebel offense!!
Bond together, build a wall!!
Let's end the day victorious!!
With Auburn Pride, standing tall!!!


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