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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Sat. October 24, 2015

With all odds against them;
And their backs against the wall,
Our Proud Auburn Tiger football team
Returned from Kentucky standing tall!!

It was definitely time for a turn around!
A time to find their rhythm!
A time to fight! A time to win!
Using the talents they've been given!! 

The sweet taste of victory still lingers!
It is a wonderful taste to savor!
And with the team pulling together;
Winning odds are in their favor!!

The time is ours!  The time is now!!
It is our time of new beginning!!
The pieces are coming together now;
And we plan to keep on winning!!

We've had our share of disappointments;
But it is now our time to shine!!
As we travel on to Arkansas,
We will lay it all on the line!

We might have rain!  It may get sloppy!
But we will put the Hawgs back in their pen!
Once again we will come home victorious!!
Our Tigers are again ready to win!!!


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