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Friday, October 16, 2015

Auburn Girls Soccer and Softball

Here are a few photos from my recent weekend in Auburn. I was able to watch the 2 softball games with the University of North Georgia Nighthawks and the soccer game with the Texas A&M girls. Both teams are very good and hopefully you will all be able to watch them play. 

The Auburn Girls Soccer team defeated Texas A&M 2-0. They have a record of 12-2 and are ranked number 10 in the USA. 

The Auburn Girls Softball team will most likely contend for another World Series birth this season. They defeated the University of North Georgia Nighthawks 9-0 and 15-1. I might add that North Georgia was the Division II champions last season. Clint Myers has done well with this team and I would watch for a new pitcher named Makayla Martin from San Diego. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Auburn does have 12 seniors returning.

Please remember to check the schedules when you are in the Auburn area if you want to see these girls play. 

War Eagle!


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