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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quick Update on Auburn

 While not what I would reference as a "good thing", Rich Bisaccia leaving for another NFL gig, hurt Auburn a little, but was NOT the devastating blow that losing any of the other coaches would have been.

 Had Auburn somehow convinced Tracy Rocker to come back, and Rocker leave for the Cowboys, that would have been devastating. So I look at Coach Bisaccia's leaving as the best of all the scenarios  
that could have happened. It's not like we didn't already have an experienced RB's coach on the staff. 

 The final recruiting push will be coming next weekend. Gus Malzahn and his staff have done a pretty good job of holding the 2013 class together considering the events of the previous season. Major staff changes are difficult, complete staff changes really hurt the overall way recruits look at a school. Some of the recruits have even said as much.

 Don't forget that I will be doing a simul-post of sorts when I blog the entire National Signing Day events on both ATB and Track Em Tigers. It will be taxing, but I am looking forward to it.



tatershell said...

What I think on Bisaccia that if you want to be with us, great. You are more than welcome! We are glad to have you! If not, that's ok too. Ya just can't sit on the fence. We're going to be who we are with you or without you. I feel that way with recruits who commit and decommit too. (Of course, they are kids. I can give them a pass. Kids I teach can't decide what they want for lunch!)

AUTigerBloggin said...

Well said. Auburn will be Auburn, whether any one person joins the family or not.
One of the best things Coach Chizik preached while at Auburn was that Auburn was great long before he got there. It will also be great long after he is gone.

I firmly believe that!

Unknown said...

Both comments are spot on! I look at Bisacia leaving as if he were nevee there cuz really he wasn't at Auburn long enough to do anything. Plus like it states in the blog, we already have an experienced RB coach and several experienced recruiting coordinators. Also refering to Coach Malzhan and the 2013 signing class, I think Malzhan has done an EXCELENT job at keeping most of the kids we already had commited, together, and an AWESOME job at getting the others!! Specially racking up on the JUCO transfers!!!