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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't Do It!

 I want to talk to these high school superstar athletes on twitter. I really do. I want to tell them to take a good look at the school, not the coach who is recruiting them. That coach could be gone next month. It happens.

 I want to tell them to concentrate on their school work starting from the 1st grade, but especially once they get into the 7th grade and beyond. That advice is not so they can qualify at any university that recruits them, but so that they can handle the attention better when it comes. Learn from your history books, it repeats its self.

 I want to tell them to be more forgiving of others when they respond emotionally to the change of heart most kids have whenever they face tough decisions. 

 I wish I could send them tweets that would get their attention, and seek better advice for their futures. I would like to influence them to be better human beings first, and put their faith above all else. Work hard, play hard, prepare even harder!

 There is so much I want to tell these young student athletes about to enter their college lives, but until the rules change, I have to tell myself - DON'T DO IT!

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