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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Ramblings - Championship Simulpost

This sign says it all!

 Hello once again Auburn fans and War Eagle. Today we are going to look all around our football world, and look into the future just a bit. So, tighten up your seat belts and let's ride.

This past week we once again saw the dominance that the SEC has over the rest of the college football world. Not every team is dominant every season, but the champion from our conference every year has been able to vanquish all comers from the best the other conferences can muster.

The grand old sports writers have been chomping at the bit for decades trying to place this dream matchup of Notre Dame and Alabama in the BCS title game, alas it was not a contest. The first quarter alone saw what is arguably not the best Crimson Tide team that Nick Saban has developed, produce over 200 yards of offense, and hold the then ranked #1 team to just 23 total yards. It was as lopsided as that throughout the game.

I have been saying for years, that the AP and some of the coaches have been giving entirely too much credit to those schools with a long tradition of winning prior to the BCS era. The remarkable difference is clearly seen each year when the title game is played. The 2010 game being the exception, when two teams that historically were looked over wound up in the game for all the "Tostitos". That match up produced one of the most exciting BCS Championship games.

The other tidbit that keeps cropping up in my addled mind, is how many good teams besides Auburn have been screwed out of playing in a major Bowl game because of the ill conceived notion that a traditional powerhouse deserves the nod over a team which had a very good season. We may never know, but the effects of a Notre Dame being ranked, sure cost America a truly contested BCS title match up this season.

Auburn has really stepped up in the recruiting department. With Coach Malzahn's staff bringing in some defensive linemen, that should send a message to those already on the roster. Get your butt in gear, or sit on the bench. This has clearly been the biggest area of disappointment for this Auburn team in the past two seasons. The numbers are there, the production is not. Hopefully this will change.

Speaking of recruiting, this a reminder that on National Signing Day(NSD) we will be here to keep all informed as to what goes on in the land of Orange and Blue. All of you that wish to participate are welcome, and if you will shoot me an email at, I will gladly relay to you what we will be looking for. I hope this is the best NSD that is provided on the blogAUsphere. Make sure you label your emails "TET Recruiting".

The upcoming playoff system is one that I believe will make a big splash with the fans. I look for the format to be expanded to eight teams in just a few short years. This will hopefully weed out the pretenders early, and the best two teams at that time should end up in the title game. We shall see, but I think it will be a huge improvement going forward. One thing is for sure, once the playoff begins, the pollsters & voters are powerless to affect an outcome. That is a huge plus for this writer.


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