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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Turmoil: Real or Perceived?

Nowhere on Earth are college football dreams sent crashing, like they are at Auburn. 

2018 was widely looked upon as the year Auburn was going to cement itself as a top tier program in the SEC along with UGA and Alabama. 

The disappointment that unfolded with these expectations has brought on the turmoil we the fans are facing today.

Reports are that Gus Malzahn has been asked to renegotiate his contract. Wednesday 11/28/2018 Tom Greene of reported a statement had been released by University officials: 

"“We don’t have a statement, and nothing has changed since statements made by both the Athletics Director and the President, which you have previously reported,” a university spokesman said in an email Wednesday afternoon."

Whether or not any such re-negotiations are in fact ongoing, one has to wonder, are the reports real, or perceived? 

The email sent by the university spokesperson would indicate the reports are false.

I am counted among those that thought, even with one of the toughest schedules in the country, Auburn should end the regular season with no more than one loss, and as a candidate in the CFB Playoff. 


It's been said: "Auburn is a perennial 4 to 5 loss program. Occasionally putting together great seasons." 

Today, as I type this, I can't offer evidence to suggest otherwise. Yes, there have been several seasons where Auburn went undefeated. Many more however, have suffered 5 losses.

My hope has been that Gus Malzahn could get Auburn over that hump. I would like nothing more than to have Auburn football highly ranked, at the beginning and end of every season with a shot at playing for the national championship. I would prefer Gus Malzahn be the coach that gets them to that point. 

War Eagle!

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