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Monday, October 22, 2018

Sometimes you can be who you are

We are U.

Wow after a big win on the road in Oxford, MS with some great stats it feels like we all can take a much-needed deep breath. At least it would appear on twitter that has happened. The incessant anti-Gus, anti-player tweets have slowed way down, thank you.

Quick run down of the key stats in my opinion; 0 turnovers, 269 yards rushing, Whitlow had 170 yards rushing, only lost the Time of Possession battle by 22 seconds. Still had some areas of concern; 8 penalties for 80 yards, 5 out of 6 of the 3rd down conversions for q (6 of 17) were 5 yards or greater.

For most of us, we know that U is much more than wins and losses, it’s about the U family. Some people like to claim they do not want mediocrity or are not ok with 8-5 seasons and the blah blah goes on and on🙄. All I have to say is chill. Did you see the Ohio State and Purdue game? Sometimes there is a reason or a force on how things are the way they are and supposed to be. Purdue was not being denied and I believe Tyler Trent along with the Good Lord and the spirit of a team to do something no one gave them a shot to do. Obviously, they did it and they were last night who they are, and they showed the world that.

This U team needs to be who they are and we as U fans and most importantly as U family need to accept that. So many people with so many opinions trying to control the situation. Trust in Al Greene, trust in the U coaches and players. They are the only ones that truly know who they are and what they are truly capable of. Every single “journalist,” tweeter, and opinionated blogger (myself included) only speculate. When you speculate, you invariably assume to fortify your opinions. Now for some of you more experienced folks on the planet you know that when you assume it only ends making an ass out of u and me 😊! Oh, and we all know about opinions too, everyone’s got one like something else and like that something else they normally always stink😮.

So, as we head into the bye week why don’t we all take a lot of deep breaths because the rest of our season is brutal! We all knew this stretch of the schedule was coming and now more than ever our team needs us to be positive and supportive. I mean seriously, realistically, I know we all want to win every game but how many would you be happy if we won? 1? 2? 3? The combined record of the final 4 are 23 – 6. We also know the UGA and bama game are not in our house.

I am sure some will answer it is not if we win it is how well we play which I totally get but having proper expectations on where our team is and what they are capable of is key. I do not believe this team wants to lose a single game and I do believe they believe they can win every game. For years and years when I played sports that is the attitude I had, and you must have when you are an athlete but as a fan you have the luxury of enjoying the game without risking your health or making a mistake that ends up being the talk of twitter for a week. So be a fan, enjoy the games and remember these are 18-20+ year old’s playing a game for our University and they deserve our unwavering support.
I know we all had high expectations and all I am saying is don’t let the last games pass you by without enjoying this college football season. Sure, there are going to be ups and downs but embrace the ups and forget the downs. Enjoy them while you can, embrace being around family and friends sharing the tailgating and watch party experiences for those moments are the moments to cherish for a lifetime.
 I read a quote this weekend and it reminded me that we should never waste the moments or try and be somebody that we aren’t because chances are you are who you are supposed to be, so be the best at that.

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are. 
- Marilyn Monroe

War Eagle y’all, stay positive and believe it when I say it we are stronger together and united as one!

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