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Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Agony of Defeat

Saturday morning at home, Auburn football lost to an up and coming Tennessee team 30-24. 

Nobody likes losing, period. For the fans this is frustrating, and I get that. Trust me, I do. For these players however, the feeling is hallowing. Agonizing.

Among the goals set for the season, making the College Football Playoff was chief. Everything that this team wanted to accomplish is now not possible.

To make matters worse, there's the beast across the state that has been clicking on all 8 cylinders. There's Florida that has seen a resurgence. LSU waltzed into our house and won, and nothing seems to be going right for Auburn offensively. 

If Auburn can't right the ship, and soon, there will be other consequences. What was hoped to be a Playoff season is now "let's hope we make a Bowl" season. Add to those miseries recruiting will likely take a major hit if the losing streak continues. 

Where does Auburn find the way back to winning football? In the locker room and on the practice field. I for one am hoping they can get it done. For their sake. 

All the other things that happen if this team can't turn it around are on the table. 

I don't want to eat at that table.


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