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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Basketball/Bruce Pearl Get Support

This week has been a very important one for coach Bruce Pearl and the Auburn Men's Basketball program.

Coach Pearl received endorsements from both the Auburn University athletics director, and Steven Leath, the university president in the last week. 

Speculation had run rampant among the fans, especially since there had not been any public display of support for Pearl. 

Leath allowed Alan Greene ample time to become familiar with the overall situation involving the basketball program, and the ongoing investigations by both the FBI and the NCAA.

*From SEC Country/Auburn: Speaking Wednesday morning on WJOX’s The Roundtable, Greene stayed firm in his belief in Pearl, stating that barring any new and unforeseen information from the FBI’s investigation into money corruption in the sport of college basketball, his plan is for Pearl “absolutely” to stay on board as the Tigers coach.
 “Bruce feels like he’s done nothing wrong. He and I have talked about that and I don’t have a reason to do anything other than what we’ve been doing: supporting him and his student-athletes.”

This public display of support, under the current situation, has many positives for Pearl, and Auburn Basketball. Recruiting current players to hang around, and bringing new talent are just two. It should also relieve any angst the fans may have about the path moving forward. 

Bruce Pearl has thrown himself into the fabric of Auburn University. Becoming involved with its students, former players, and alumni. Pearl has become an advocate for Auburn, and its many endearing qualities Auburn men and women hold dear. 

It's no secret Bruce Pearl is a fan favorite. 


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