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Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Special Senior Thanks- Basketball

So, I always do a senior thanks for football, basketball, baseball and softball. I usually tend to say a lot of the same things. Sometimes, I feel like I get to know a player a little more through their activities or social media and then I might have a little more to say. This year for basketball, there is only one senior. He does not say a bunch. He does not use social media a ton. However, it is very easy to say good things about him.

Patrick Keim. What an Auburn man. He was a walk-on. He gave us much joy the year Auburn had such a run in the SEC tournament. Much of the team graduated or left. Patrick stayed. He earned a scholarship during the year where almost everyone fell in love with Auburn basketball. No one deserved in more than Patrick. I cannot even begin to understand the journey of the walk-on athlete. They play for the love of the game. (I am not saying that scholarship athletes do not love the game)

When I think of the Auburn Creed, he is one of the first athletes to come to mind. I do not know what he is planning for his future as far as his career or school goes, but I do know that he will be successful.

Patrick, thank you for your dedication to Auburn basketball. It was because of guys like you that Auburn was able to make it to the big dance this year. It was a joy to see you get to participate in see something you dreamed of years ago. Thank you for always doing the right thing and for being the leader you are. I know whatever you do will be successful. We will miss you a ton. Please keep in touch with your Auburn family. You will always have a home with us at Auburn. Thank you for your dedication to Auburn University and the Auburn family.
War Eagle!

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