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Friday, December 21, 2012

Who is #1?

 There will always be a contest on being named number 1 in whatever you do. Salesman? Yep, there are top sales awards given each year. It goes without saying that in sports the goal is to be #1, yet in the world of college scholastic achievement the goal is to teach and mold great people for the world we live in. Who is best at that? What college athletic department delivers the most return of revenue for the investment each year?
 Forbes magazine lists the top programs in the country. To see more click on the link below.

Texas Longhorns

Big 1213310478

Michigan Wolverines

Big Ten1208562

Notre Dame Fighting Irish


LSU Tigers


Georgia Bulldogs


Alabama Crimson Tide


Florida Gators


Auburn Tigers


Tennessee Volunteers


Arkansas Razorbacks


To view the entire article click the LINK

There is another matrix used in grading overall best institution. When all things associated with obtaining a college education are factored in, a different picture emerges. Let's look at a survey of the state of Alabama and it's rankings. uses many different measures in determining the rank of a particular school. The most important factors are a school's ACT/SAT scores, its student retention, faculty salary, and student / faculty ratio.
A school's score can be between 0 and 100, with the best possible score being 100. The list of top schools can be found on our Top-Ranked Schools Overall page.
It's important to note that some schools do not have enough data to be ranked in our system, and these schools will not appear in our lists.

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The School Safety Ratings are based on campus crime statistics as reported by 450 of the largest U.S. colleges and universities. Each college's safety score, which can range from 0 to 100, is calculated based on the number and type of campus crime reported during the calendar. The underlying statistics are compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information about our campus safety ranking visit our blog's post on the Safest Campuses.

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Rank in AlabamaOverall School Score
20122011School Name20122011
11Auburn University93.6392.31 (1.4%)
3Samford University91.2989.64 (1.8%)
2University of Alabama at Birmingham90.3491.42 (1.2%)
5The University of Alabama90.2388.09 (2.4%)
6University of Alabama at Huntsville88.1885.96 (2.6%)
4Birmingham Southern College85.8388.62 (3.1%)
9Spring Hill College84.4384.72 (0.3%)
15Tuskegee University83.9179.83 (5.1%)
7University of Montevallo81.8885.50 (4.2%)
10 13University of North Alabama80.6679.99 (0.8%)
11 21Troy University79.7276.18 (4.7%)
12 10University of South Alabama78.7680.95 (2.7%)
13 12University of Mobile78.6680.01 (1.7%)
14 17Jacksonville State University78.5177.71 (1.0%)
15 22Judson College76.9273.84 (4.2%)
16 28Marion Military Institute76.7364.50 (19.0%)
17 14Alabama A & M University76.1679.84 (4.6%)
18 8Amridge University75.4385.46 (11.7%)
1919Auburn University at Montgomery74.1676.57 (3.1%)
20 31Southeastern Bible College72.4361.52 (17.7%)

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