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Friday, December 14, 2012

Visiting The Greats in Auburn Football

 We can't do a series about Auburn greats without mentioning Pat Dye. Coach Dye is credited with bringing Auburn out of the shadows of the "Bear" and Alabama. 

 Coach Dye had a career record of 153-62-5 (.707) & was 7-2-1 in Bowl games

 In this video we have Coach Dye in his early days talking with the team after a close and hard fought game with Tennessee.

Later in his career, after a tremendous victory over Alabama, he gave his most memorable speech. Listen to his words carefully. You can hear his love for Auburn, and his undying devotion to his players.

Patrick Fain Dye ended his career like a champion. Although Auburn was shutout that day by Alabama, Dye was his usual classy self, when asked about why he thought they came up short. He let his feelings show like the classical Coach Dye many had come to love and appreciate.

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