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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

An Open Letter

 December 22, 2020

To Whom It May Concern,

It is to my horror that I must write this letter to you. Knowing full well the words I have so carefully chosen will fall upon deaf ears. 

My beloved Auburn is in the middle of a crisis, and it pains me to watch knowing the answer is simple, yet very complicated to get to.

You see, we are looking for a football coach. A coach that has a very high IQ and great knowledge of the sport. He must own the mental fortitude to stare deep into the eyes of the enemy, and find the way to victory. Unfortunately, at this time, the enemy is us.

For reasons one could only speculate, the hiring process has become a national disaster. Bringing with it a light on the process that paints an eerie glow of impending doom. How could this happen? Why would anyone want this to happen? Again, I can only speculate. 

It seems we have a leak in our plumbing system, and we are telling the plumbers we interview which tool would work best to repair the leak. In that, we have turned away many qualified plumbers. Even fired the one we had on retainer. 

Or better yet.....

Our carpenter we want to hire has a great plan, including building materials, to carry out what we all want. 

Instead of agreeing to a price, and letting the carpenter work, we are dictating which building products to buy, where to buy the product, and who can work beside him to build the finished product we dream of.

I understand the concept of hiring contractors to do work. You might give the plumber or carpenter the keys to the house, but not the safe where the money is.

I am pleading with the football committee to hire a great contractor, and give him the keys to the house. Let the contractor decide which tools he'll use, and which products.

Then, and only then, will Grand 'Ole Auburn return to glory.

War Eagle!


Klell Lawrence

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