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Monday, December 10, 2018

Plains Football: A Difficult Life

"Difficult" is the word I use when asked about Auburn football.

Life in the Southeastern Conference West division is difficult.

Recruiting against the likes of Georgia, Florida, Alabama, all state named schools, has always been difficult. Can't see that changing anytime soon.

Consistently playing one of the country's most difficult schedules year-in and year-out has proven difficult. A+ for trying though.

Lately however, the difficulty has come from those we thought were close with us. Without denying the disappointing way the season has played out, rumors, and hearsay printed by media outlets close to, but not directly related with the football program.

"Unnamed sources" became the buzzword to create site visits, and spread panic among the Auburn faithful. Needless to say, I dislike these attempts to create viewership, and with some, membership.

Headlines from the Birmingham media have always been slanted to slight Auburn. It's been this way my entire life. 

The problems recently have been from media outlets closer to home.

From reports of renegotiated contracts, to tying the hands of head football coach Gus Malzahn hiring a replacement offensive coordinator, and limiting what Gus could offer, all seem like stories built to destroy any chance Auburn may have had, to remain competitive on the recruiting trail. Much less the direct effect this could have on wins and losses next season.

 If you provide an employee with every tool possible to be productive, and they don't perform, it's time to look for another employee. If you tie their hands, so to speak, that's on you. 

If any of these story lines were, or are true, the problem isn't within the Athletic Department, it's an Administration problem. That's how I see it.


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