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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

All Hands On Deck!

Auburn Marching Band entering JHS. staff photo

Auburn lost to Georgia in a way unlike any we have ever seen. It was an unusually ineffective Auburn offense that performed in Sanford Stadium last weekend. The likes of which are mind boggling.
Zero offensive first downs in the second half. 0 for 7 on 3rd down conversion attempts in the second half. It seems unfathomable yet the facts hit home like a hammer. 
Not much we can say that hasn't already been covered by the Auburn beat writers and the national media.
"We aren't going to make excuses" said Gus Malzahn after the loss. "We got our butts kicked out there." 
Really difficult to discern if UGA played well above their season tendencies, or Auburn played that poorly. Whatever the reason, Auburn must find a way to rebound. 

The upcoming game with Alabama A & M should allow the coaches to come up with some sort of game plan that might be effective against Alabama the next week. 
It's all hands on deck.  At one point in the season, we saw that nearly 80% of Auburn's offensive output was achieved by Redshirt Sophomores and younger. That being the case, we will have few experienced offensive players participating Saturday.

War Eagle!

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