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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Blue Grass Boogie

One of the sweetest moments in any sport happens when the underdog takes down the formidable favorite. When it happens at home, the taste of victory is so much more sweet.

On a Saturday night in Auburn, Alabama the sweet taste of victory came calling. Auburn's Men's basketball team answered the call by defeating the Kentucky Wildcats 75-70, and the celebrations began. 

Trailing by just 5 at the half, the Auburn Arena crowd was buzzing. Then Kentucky started strong in the second half and led 47-35 at one point. The Tigers climbed back into the game and with 10:37 to go and from that moment on, it was a battle that only those who wanted it most would win.


From the AU Plainsman

Auburn has defeated Kentucky's Football team, Men's AND Women's Basketball Team's, Gymnastics Team, & Swimming Team!


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