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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Auburn Football highlights vs. Memphis

As disappointed as I am that we played a Bowl game in Birmingham, Alabama, the very place we fought and won the right to never have to play again, this Auburn team left an indelible footprint on the Legion Field turf about the current state of Auburn football. 

Auburn football is alive and well. 

Last season ended with a tough loss to the Wisconsin Badgers. A harbinger of things to come. This season saw our team lose four games by a single TD or less. What we saw on December 30th was far and away something different. 

After starting good, much as it did all season, the Tigers struggled offensively in the 2nd quarter and found themselves in a tie at the half. The halftime adjustments, whatever they were, must have lit a fire in this team. These Tigers came out in the 2nd half and put on a defensive show, which allowed the offense to gain some footing, and push the Memphis team around.

The end of the 2015 football season has me feeling much better about this team than I did going into the Bowl game. I couldn't ask for a better performance from an Auburn defense than what we saw. 

So, now what do we look forward to? With Kevin Steele being named the new DC, and a very good recruiting class coming in, can we expect a much better result next season? I certainly hope we can Dab on 'em.


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