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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What Must Happen: Auburn Football

Jordan Hare Stadium: Temple of BOOM! - Van Allen Plexico

We have looked in depth at the defense, starting with the Defensive Backs, the Defensive Linemen, and the Linebackers. Breaking down what we think must happen for our Tigers to reach the level of play we had hoped to see in the 2014 season. 

Today we will look at the exciting possibilities ahead for this Auburn football program. We will take what offensive stats our Tigers had in 2014, couple them with the Florida Gators defensive numbers and try to paint a picture of our future. 

Two reasons we are looking at 2014 offensive numbers are that we passed more while trying become more balanced, and Duke Williams. 

Williams announcing he would return for next season sent a positive flow of emotion throughout the Auburn Family. His numbers are a big reason why. 

    G   Rec    Yds  TD  Lg Rec/G Avg/C Avg/G
  10    45    730   5  62   4.5  16.2  73.0

In 2014 the Florida Gator defense was an impressive unit. Their season ending national rankings bear this out.
Scoring Defense: 19th
Rushing Defense: 13th
Passing Defense: 42nd
Total Defense: 15th

In comparison Auburn's defense finished 66th in Total Defense. That difference would have changed the outcome of several games this past season. 

 Using the logic that the more times a defense stops an opponents drive, the more opportunities an offense has. Taking in consideration that Florida's defense was 16th nationally in stopping opponents 4th down conversion tries, whereas Auburn placed 92nd, we can safely assume many more opportunities for the Auburn offense.

Auburn's offense finished the 2014 season with these rankings.
Scoring Offense: 27th
Rushing Offense: 14th
Passing Offense: 67th
Total Offense: 17th

Each of these numbers, one would presume, would have finished ranked higher with a better defense.

The future is indeed bright at Auburn. Most of the underclassmen return, and experience at the skill positions give our Tigers a leg up on most teams. Include what many deem an improvement in the defensive coaching staff, and the limitations for the 2015 team seem endless.


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