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Friday, May 2, 2014

Time to Name Your Opponents

There is no place like home.

The SEC has made it official. Eight conference games with each school having one permanent cross division rival and rotating the rest of the opposite division. There is one caveat; Each school must now schedule at least one "Out of Conference" (OOC) opponent from any of the following conferences. ACC, B1G, Big 12, or PAC 12. 

The thinking is that the strength of schedule will factor into the playoff committee members selection. This is the first year of the new format for determining the national champion of college football. 

With this in mind, there are some interesting options for teams in the SEC as to the scheduling of these OOC games. I want to give you the readers a chance to tell us who you would like to see Auburn play in these games.

As an added bonus, let us know about some of the other teams in our division of the SEC West, and who you think they should play.

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I have already gone on record as stating that I would love to see a renewal of the "Wreck Tech" parade and a rotation with Georgia Tech on a home and home basis. We could schedule them at JHS on the years that we play UGA and Bama on the road. It would help with season ticket sales as well. My schedule looks something like this.

2016 Ga. Tech at Auburn
2017 Auburn at Ga. Tech
2018 Northwestern at Auburn 
2019 Auburn at Northwestern
2020 Ga. Tech at Auburn
2021 Auburn at Ga. Tech

The above example shows where I intend to renew the rivalry with Ga. Tech, and include some quality OOC games from the other conferences as well. In the even numbered years those OOC games can held at JHS. Those are the years that we play Bama and UGA on the road. In the odd numbered years, we can visit their venues, and allow Auburn fans a chance to see some of the other college campuses we might not otherwise get the chance to see. 

Now it's your turn. This should be a lot of fun.

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