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Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Morning Musings...

Hello once again fellow Tiger fans. This weekend we learned that there is still not a clear leader in the battle for the starting QB position, and that the former QB, some guy named Cam Newton can actually play this game.

We turn to our usual suppliers of life's blood known as the Auburn football “Beat” writers. They are Charles Goldberg, Andy Bitter, and David Morrison.

It's good to see the news that former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher has an interest in Auburn football, and it has nothing to do with coaching at Auburn. Not that he would be a bad choice as a coach if we didn't already have a proven winner in Gene Chizik. Fisher's son, Trent is a walk-on at Auburn and apparently doing extremely well.

Video evidence and descriptive evidence are enough to prove that Auburn is going to be an extremely competitive, and physical group this season, even if they are young. My personal favorite comment was by Coach Grimes about his young linemen. They are going very hard, and usually when a guy has a question about his assignments, he will slow down, but these guys aren't slowing down, Grimes said that “They may block the wrong person, but they are blocking him with everything they got”.

Plus it's good to be close to mama, no laundry money needed, and home cooking. An unbeatable combination, for a young college student.


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