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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The "Crystal Football" Game

photo by Klell Lawrence

It has taken me a few days to think about the Auburn/FSU game last Monday night. Even though my alma mater lost, it will go down as one of the better "Crystal Football" games that I have witnessed. Auburn had several opportunities to win this game, but it was just not meant to be this time. I was going to give an in depth analysis on this game, but I feel that all has been said by other writers and it is now time for me to move on to signing day, A Day and watching some Auburn baseball and softball.

I did witness the UGA and Bama games at the Auburn Arena; therefore, I was thinking that viewing this game at the same venue would yield the same result. I did arrive in Auburn around 5 pm and searched for a parking place near Toomer's Corner. I was really surprised at the crowd in Auburn and the news trucks were parked near Toomer's Corner to record the celebration if Auburn did win. I finally found a spot and proceeded to get my customary Moe's smoked BBQ sandwich. All of the restaurants were packed and people were milling around town and taking photos of Toomer's Corner. I got my sandwich and proceeded to the Auburn Arena. The parking lot was filling up and the all of the concessions were open.

I will say that you should all watch a game at the Auburn Arena. It was a packed house and it was great to watch the game with only Auburn fans. For once, I did not see anyone wearing gear with opposing emblems. I talked to one guy who was a North Carolina fan wearing Auburn gear. He told me that he just happened to be in the area and he wanted to watch Auburn beat FSU.

Of course, we all know the outcome of the game. I never sat down and I paced around the Auburn Arena hoping to find that magical spot where the game would turn in Auburn's favor. I can only attribute my feelings to a saying on the old "ABC Wide World of Sports" show prior to the 4 letter network days. I experienced the "The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat" in the last few minutes of that game.

The title is now in FSU's possession, but I do feel that Auburn is now in a position to contend for the National Championship for future years. I look forward to watching this team and Gus Malzahn perform in 2014.

War Eagle and I am already looking forward to A Day on April 19 th.
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