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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Thank You Seniors, PT 1

Making the big party because of our Seniors

I always do a special thank you blog for the seniors. This year, it is pretty tough to write. I don't want them to go!   Like everyone else, I am so proud of these fellas.  There really aren't words to do describe how proud we all are. There have been ups and downs in their careers at Auburn, but they did not let the downs keep them down. I know it is not the fairy tale ending that we wanted, but it doesn't change anything to me. They put to life the words of the Auburn Creed.
So, thank you seniors. Thank you for an amazing season. You gave us reason to hope and cheer. It was really a ton of fun for me, as a fan. I think I lost a few years  off my life a few times, but it was fun all the same.  Thank you for putting it all on the line week after week. Not only did you win, but you did it with class.  After last year, it would have been easy for all of you to just 'wait it out' this year, but none of you did that. You stood up and became leaders. So individually, I'd like to say thanks to the seniors.  I am going to 'blog' this in three parts because it got really lengthy and I'd like each on to have some time.

Nosa Eguae- You were one of my favorites from the very beginning. I really can't say why. I think I just liked your name. However as time went on, there were better reasons. Like in the 2010 game against Alabama!  You didn't let me down once. I appreciate all you did with FCA. The time you spent reading with the elementary school students will change their lives.  Football is fun, but you are changing the future. You have been a leader on the team and you were a key to the success of the team. Thank you for everything you have done for Auburn. I know we will see great things from you.

Chandler Shakespeare- Thank you for giving it your all, even if you did not get the accolades or playing time. I really, really wanted you to get that touchdown this year! Besides your really cool name, I appreciate what you have done for the team. Attitude matters as a leader, even if it doesn't translate to playing time on the field.  Thank you for your commitment to Auburn. I wish you nothing but good things. I hope you come back to see us often!

Jake Holland  Your time at Auburn was full of ups and downs but you never quit. You I appreciate the hard work you put in. Through everything, you did not give up. After last year, it would have been easy to try to cruise through this year, but you didn't do that. You jumped it and gave it everything you had.  For that, thanks. The year was amazing to watch. Thank you for your time and love for Auburn! I will always remember your hair!
Ryan Smith  You made some key plays this year! At first, I mixed you up with Ryan Smith and Chris Davis but you ALL made plays that made me remember each one of you individually! This season was amazing. Thank you so much for your commitment to Auburn. I have loved Auburn all of my life and this was one of the most fun seasons ever. Thank you for making it happen. You were really amazing this year and you have helped lay the groundwork for the future players at Auburn!

 Steven  Clark Wow! You had an amazing year! So many times you dropped the ball right inside the 5. It made a difference in games. I appreciate all the bible verses that you tweeted. It does my heart good to know that there are Christian leaders on the team. Thank you so much for your leadership and hard work.  I know the punter only gets attention when he messes up usually, but you did so many good things this year, we couldn't help but notice! Thank you! You are more than just a football player, you showed how to play a special position. You also demonstrated a love for Christ in all that you did. Good luck in the East-West Shrine game. I hope you come see us often, but I hope its not til later because I am expecting to see you playing on Sundays.

Chris Davis Oh, Chris. What is there to say? Thank you. You had a vision and you gave us all a reason to run onto the field!  I don't think I have ever seen that happen before! Of course, you played well all season, not just in one game.  You were a leader and you helped  build this team. Thank you so much for your service to Auburn! We will forever be grateful to you! I can't wait to meet you at the Senior Bowl! Good luck at the Senior Bowl!

Blake Poole- Yours is a name I don't know well. That doesn't really matter though. I believe that this is a team that doesn't work if anyone is missing. Your time and service to Auburn did not go unnoticed.  Thank you. It would have probably been easy to walk away after last year, but you didn't do that. Thank you. You have exemplified the 'work, hard work' part of the creed. Thank you! Because of you, we know that there will be future leaders on the team at Auburn.

Ryan White  Like I told the other Ryan, at first I confused the two of you. However, after some time this year, I didn't mix you up anymore. You made some plays individually that made me be able to keep you all straight! Thank you for your hard work and commitment to Auburn. This season was amazingly fun and I am so glad to have been here to watch it! Your leadership helped to make this team. None of it would have worked if any of you had been taken out.

Check back soon for parts II and III!

War Eagle
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