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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meet the Players!

Meet the Players

Friday, I went to the Meet the Players event for the Senior Bowl. I have been before. I feel very lucky to live in Mobile and get the be involved with the Senior Bowl. When I was in high school, we used to go to the FCA Prayer Breakfast. It was there that I got to meet Tom Landry. I went to MTP in January 2011 and met the players from the 2010 team.  I wanted to go last year to meet Philip, but family circumstances prevented me from being able to go to the event. I have included the pictures that I took.  Please treat them kindly.

My program from the Iron Bowl- Senior Day 

After lots of waiting in line, I got to go up and meet Jay Prosch and Chris. They were in the first group. Keep in mind that this is probably VERY overwhelming. There are lots of people in the room, loud music, games, food, and other things going on at once. When I got to the front of the line, I only got a few seconds so they can keep the line moving. Jay was very friendly and outgoing. I had brought the game program from the Alabama game since that was Senior Day.  Jay signed close to his picture. He shook hands and I moved over to Chris. Chris is a little quieter. He was very nice and signed my program. They also have these little cards that you can pick up that are sort of like baseball cards. I forgot to pick one up from Chris. I was a little rushed and wanted to spend my time saying hello to the guys. Jay was very nice to my mom

Chris Davis- Iron Bowl Hero

Jay Prosch- Blocker Extraordinaire and really nice guy
After my mom and I had both met Jay and Chris we went to sit for a little while. My mom is just getting over a foot injury. After a snack, drink, and a rest, we got back in line for the second group. While we were in line for the second group, the first group was finishing up. They exit the room right by the Auburn line, so we got to see lots of guys from other times as they went out. Many of them signed stuff and shook hands with the Auburn folks as they went out. Kevin Norwood came by and everyone was shaking his hand and getting his card. He jokingly put his hands in the air, and said, "Yall know I play for Alabama, right?" Several people nodded and kinda patted him on the hand. He said, "OK, I just wanted to make sure!" He was really funny about it, though, so it wasn't rude or anything.

Cody Parkey- A kicker we are going to miss!

See the cute little goalpost?
Then, the second group started coming in. Dee and Cody came by, along with the fella from Princeton. One player (I don't know his name) came out and was immediately overwhelmed by the scene. I don't know if it was the faceful of Auburn folks he got or whether it was all the stuff and people in the room, but he immediately said, "Ohhhhh, crap!" (Only it wasn't crap he said, just in case we have any family readers here.) I don't think very many people heard him.  So, we waited in line a little longer. I met a little fella whose brother was over in the Alabama line and he didn't have anyone to take his picture, so I offered. We are, after all, the Auburn family.  In line, we all shared stories and looked at the merchandise we had all brought for the players to sign. The guys behind me had a really nifty photograph of the Kick Six! They had met Jay, Dee, and Cody the night before and at event, but they were waiting to meet Chris.

Dee- Senior Bowl MVP and amazing musician

When it was our turn, I got to meet Cody. He was also very nice and outgoing. He's much taller than he seems. He was very upbeat and lively. He also called me ma'am! I can't really see it in the photograph of my program, but Cody signs his autograph with a little goal post!  I got his autograph and his card. Then I moved over to Dee. All week, the local sports radio has broadcast from practices and the hotel room. They have talked about how well Dee did in practices and meetings. Up close, I could really see why. Dee just commanded the room. He has a very bright smile and personality. He was very friendly and even let me take two pictures since my first one blurred. My mom and I finished up and got ready to leave.  It had been really fun but it is very tiring. I know writing it out makes it seem quick, but its a whole lot of waiting.

It was a fun day and I was glad I got to meet them. I hope that next year is fabulous and there are other players to meet! The Auburn fans who came got to meet some really great guys! Of course, if you watched the game, you know that Dee was the star, Chris caught an interception, Cody kicked a 50 yd field goal, and Jay did what Jay does- making the blocks and clearing the path!

If you haven't come down to Mobile for any Senior Bowl events before, come down next time! 

War Eagle!

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