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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This poem is not just my words, but a compilation of words and inspirational thanks from many people who make up the Auburn Family. I only hope I was able to do justice with the gratitude they expressed from their hearts!!


We want to say "Thank You" Auburn Tigers 
From Fans All Across The Nation!!!
Your Auburn family is filled with appreciation;
And send shouts with heart-felt exclamation!!!

The "Thank You's " come from far to near!
There is immense gratitude for what you do!!
You brought so much enjoyment to us this season;
And We were never disappointed in you!!

Thank you for following your Auburn hearts,
For not letting negativity get in the way!!
For exhibiting the "Never give up" Auburn Spirit
In each and every game that you played!!!

You have truly offered us inspiration,
In all aspects of our life!!!
Like how to handle adversity,
and how to handle strife!!!

Thank you for overcoming all the odds ,
By saying “We aren’t going down today”!!
For fighting on, no matter how tough,
And bringing reality to the “Brand New Day”!!

The entire season of achievements was a true gift,
and a wonderful surprise!!
We will never forget this 2013 season, 
nor the climb to victory, while watching you rise!!

Thank you Ricardo Louis!!
You were in the right place with prayers and miracles in the mix!!
And our thanks go out to Chris Davis too, 
For being there and the famous Kick Six!!

Every man on this team was important!
Your single effort gained the whole team success!!
Each man had his own special claim to fame!!
We love you all!!  You are the best!!

We thank all you coaches for being like fathers!!
You taught our men discipline and brotherly love!!
You encouraged them to remain humble,
And give thanks to our God up above!!!

We thank you all for hard work and preparation, 
Staying one step ahead of each team you were meeting!!
With heart and passion , remaining steady and courageous,
Never once did you think of retreating!!!

Thanks for surprising us with more than we hoped for!
You gave us fond memories we will always treasure!
The gratitude we feel for turning this team around, 
Is so much more than can ever be measured!!

Coach Gus, we can never say "Thank You" enough!!
We must give tribute where tribute is due!!
You had a vision and plan for each Auburn man,
And brought back honor to the Orange and Blue!!

You opened the doors on your "Victory Bus"!,
And took us all on one "Helluva" ride!!
Your dream of grandeur soon became a reality
By restoring Auburn Dignity and Pride!!

Though the task to rebuild was ardent, 
You set forth with meticulous preparation!!,
Confidence was restored as you forged ahead with your plan!;
And we are now one of the top teams in the nation!!

Auburn Men, you kept your integrity,
While becoming an example of what hard work can do!!
Even when the chips were down, you kept your passion,
And remained true to The Orange and Blue!!!

Growing stronger and stronger, game by game,
You Auburn Tigers fully unleashed your power!!
And with your "spirit of winning" that could not be tamed,
You soon became our "Auburn Strong Tower"!!

We reflect back now, as we stand in the present,
In awe that we have come so far!!!
With chips down, you kept on passionately fighting!!;
Your true grit earned us the "SEC's Brightest star"!!

For All of these things we want to "Thank You"!
You have truly emanated the Auburn Creed!!!
You have brought back "AUBURN PRIDE AND DIGNITY"!!

Poetic Tiger
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