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Monday, January 20, 2014

Senior Bowl- Friday Meet the Players

If you are interested, Friday the Senior Bowl will host a Meet the Players event. The event is pretty cool. It is run in two sessions. Usually Auburn and Alabama have players in both sessions. The first session is 3:30-5:00 and the second session is 5:00-6:30. It is at the Mobile Convention Center. You can park in the center deck for event parking which is only $5.00 (or it was that way last time I went) I got there early last time but there were lots of Auburn fans around so it made it pretty fun. We waited in line until it was time for the gates to open. The lines split to AU/Bama sides. If people come to see other players they are in the middle. The players have little signed cards to give out. You can bring one item to have autographed. I had 2 things last time and bribed a person next to me with a kid to let their kid hold my other item.

Here is the times and lineup of players:

If you want to see my writeup from 2010 (well, 2011. 2010 team, though.)

Here are some pictures:

If you are anywhere near the area, it is a really neat way to meet some players. There isn't a lot of time to chit chat with them, but its pretty good. I tried to remember it was the end of the week when they had been working and interviewing all week.

I am planning to go!
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