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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hurting & Frustrated All at One Time

 The Auburn Men's basketball season is past the half way point, and feelings of pain and frustration are prevalent amongst the fan base. More and more this version of Tony Barbee's squad comes really close to winning, and falls short. The most frustrating element to this season? That's easy, it's that Auburn has led most of these contest at certain points in the matches, and keeps finding a way to lose.

 The latest game at Miss State saw Auburn's bench go through an entire game without scoring a single point.

 Every team that plays this game, goes thru cold spells where scoring seems to to elude them. That is part of what makes basketball so entertaining. Usually when one team goes cold, the other will find a way to claw back into the contest. But, Auburn's bench scoring Wednesday night hit an all time low.

 I don't know enough about the game to delve into the technical aspects as to why Auburn is not performing at it's best in these games. However, I know that 0 for the last 15 in conference play is not acceptable.

 I want Auburn basketball to be successful. I ache for those players, coaches, and their respective families. Lastly, I know winning has to find it's way into this program in a hurry, or some very difficult decisions are going to be made sooner, rather than later.

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