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Monday, January 20, 2014

Proposed Changes in College Football

I was driving to Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday morning and I was listening to John Fricke who has a weekend show on 92.9 FM The Game in the ATL. John did have some interesting commentary and I find him to be unbiased which is unusual in the ATL sports radio market. He was talking about the changes that could be coming in College Football. John Fricke's thoughts are as follows:
  1. The SEC Network will launch on August 21; therefore, the SEC will be adding two additional teams and the most likely candidates could be North Carolina and NC State with FSU in the mix. I will choose FSU for obvious reasons and North Carolina would be a nice addition. North Carolina has a beautiful campus and I would like to see Auburn play in Chapel Hill. 
  2. The SEC will go to the 9 game schedule in 2016 which does mean that some cross division rivalries would be affected like the Auburn/UGA and Bama/Tennessee games.
  3. The College Football playoff system will consist of 5 leagues which will consist of 16 teams and Notre Dame will finally be forced to find a conference home if they want to participate in the playoff. I think that the Big 10 could be their new home. Obviously, some teams will be left out of the playoff system unless they are asked to join a conference since there will be room for only 80 teams.
Honestly, I do feel that John Fricke could be right because the schools are all into making more money that will be offered by the TV networks and ESPN. 
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