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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An Open Letter to The Football Team

Sunset on college football 2013


To the 2013 Auburn Tigers,

I just wanted to take a moment to express what this team means to the Auburn Family.  You young men have done what everyone said you couldn't do.  You fought back in the face of adversity and you never laid down.  I've been an Auburn fan my entire life and I've never seen a team as gritty as this one.  Each and every single one of you have made the entire Auburn Family proud with the amount of effort you've given week in and week out and the way you've carried yourselves off the field as respectable Auburn men.

To the Seniors,

You guys have laid some major ground work for future Auburn Tigers.  It's going to be sad not seeing you guys out there on the field next year, but I know wherever life takes you, you'll be prepared to face any obstacles you may face.  Thank you guys for giving us fans an unbelievable amount of great memories.

To the Underclassmen,

You boys played your hearts out the entire year!  We all knew last years signing class was going to be special, but the amount of effort you have given all year is nothing like I've seen before.  From Carl Lawson to Elijah Daniel to Monty Adams, you guys more than lived up to expectations.  You all have a very, very bright future ahead of you.

To the coaching staff,

Words cannot express how happy we are to have you all at Auburn!  What you have done is absolutely remarkable.  Not only have you brought the team together, you've brought the entire Auburn Family together.  80,000 strong at A Day is a strong testament to that.  Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.

And finally to the Auburn Family,

What a difference a year makes huh?  This team will go down as one of the greatest teams in history.  These men have fought and fought and fought and have no reason to hang their heads in shame or make any apologies.  I know without a shadow of a doubt we will be back to the National Championship Game.  Please join me in congratulating the 2013 Auburn Tigers for such an amazing season that goes far deeper than wins and losses!

God Bless and as always War Eagle!

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