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Monday, January 20, 2014

My Thoughts: All Things Auburn

photo by: Tiffany Pyle

  If you had any doubt about my feelings for all things Auburn, let me put them to rest here and now. I was 17 the first time I ever walked on campus. I have been enamored with it's majesty ever since.

 My family understands this much more now that I blog about this passion I have.  It's not just football, but the entirety of Auburn that has captured me. From the words of our creed, to the overwhelming feeling of family, this love of Auburn continues to grow.

 The onslaught of social media has brought to light the fact that I am not alone. Yet, it is that age old media of newspaper reporters that first captured my yet unwritten emotions. Specifically one Bud Poliquin who in 2002 so eloquently stated:

"Believe me on this. Please. I have descended into college football’s Grand Canyon. I have stood in its Alps. I have gazed at its ocean sunset. I have attended a game at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, Ala. And I’ve been changed forever."

 This was published by the Syracuse Post-Standard, the newspaper Mr. Poliquin wrote for at the time.

 There is yet another place in Auburn that makes me feel like I am more than I am. It gives me hope, and it gives me purpose. That special place is Toomer's Corner. Gone are the trees, and that's enough said about that. Yet, there are those memories that can and will be held onto with great pride.

 Auburn Oaks:
   More than a place on a map. More than an intersection in a small town, or a corner in a community. More than a tree. It's the embodiment of the Auburn spirit. A place where family and friends gather to celebrate all that is good about tradition, success, and Auburn. Many memories have been made under the Auburn oaks-memories that are forever engrained in the minds of the Auburn Family.

 My hope is that one day the younger members of my family will read this and understand, at least partially just how special Auburn, and the Auburn spirit is.

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