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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gus Malzahn: History & Anticipation

 Let's take a minute here to go back in time. Back to the moments right after Auburn hired Gene Chizik. Coach Chizik's first move was to hire his coordinators for defense and offense. Chizik went with a proven name in the coaching ranks on defense with Ted Roof, who now coaches at Georgia Tech. 

 On offense however, Chizik chose a coach not many Auburn insiders were familiar with. In fact, when Gus Malzahn was tabbed as the new offensive coordinator at Auburn, most of the fans had never heard of Gus Malzahn. 

 Five games into the 2009 season however, everyone in the country was paying attention to what the Tigers offense was doing. Watch this video from ESPN as Todd McShay breaks down what Auburn is doing on offense, and has some good news for Auburn fans.

Listen to this video where former Auburn players talk about Coach Malzahn, and how they view the Auburn Coach's ability to make a difference.

 Recently ESPN 's Gene Wojciechowski did a fantastic piece on the background of Gus Malzahn's coaching career. From humble beginnings to the throne of the most powerful football conference in America. 

 Finally let's dare take a look into the future of Auburn football in 2014, where for the first time in his college football career, Gus Malzahn will have the same quarterback running his offense. Malzahn has done excellent with one time players at the QB position. Guys like Paul Smith, David Johnson, Chris Todd, and of course Cam Newton who helped guide the Tigers to the BCS Championship in 2010. 

 Nick Marshall will be the starting QB at Auburn, so let's take a look at Malzahn's high school coaching days to get a glimpse of what might happen with a repeat starter at QB.   

 The season ahead for this Auburn team is full of anticipation, and if history is indeed destined to repeat itself, Auburn's 2014 offense may just rewrite the school's records book once again.


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