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Monday, January 6, 2014

My Personal Take

Since the final whistle of the SEC Championship game, I have had the score 42-38 in my mind.  I have not seen nor heard any thing that will make me change my mind.

Here are some factors and situations that I see unfolding throughout the game:

The defense has been much maligned all season, yet they have found a way to get a stop or make a play when it counted.  For the 10 Seniors on that side of the ball, they would like nothing better to go out on top and say they overcame a 3-9 season and proved that they were good enough to win the big one.  For Dee Ford, a swan song game where he dominated his man and Jameis Winston got to see a whole lot of that #30 jersey on top of him. (Prediction: Dee has 4 sacks)

For Nosa Eguae, "too thin" "out of position" and all of the other negatives that he has been saddled with throughout his career, yet he has take the DT position and been a force inside. (Prediction: #94 makes his presence know tonight and has 1.5 sakes)

For Craig Sanders & Jake Holland, they too will lend a big hand in corralling the FSU running game.

The biggest negative talk ALL year has been directed at Chris Davis, Ryan White and Ryan Smith.  "They are too short too cover this tall receiver or that tall receiver."  They have met every challenge thrown their way.  They have had some wins and some losses in their battles with some of the best receivers in the nation.  Tonight, the AU DBs rule the defensive secondary!! Benjamin makes a catch or 2, just like Green-Beckham or Mike Evans did, but in the end, AU gets a defensive win in that area. (Prediction: CD 1 pick, Ryan Smith 2 picks, Ryan White drops a pick-6)

Auburn picks right up with the successes that were found against Alabama and Missouri.  It will take more than Tre and Nick again, given the fact that it will be 70+ degrees.  A total back field effort will be needed.  I think that Gus and Rhett have put together an incredible game plan and the football pundits will be astounded.  I think the passing game for Nick will be an integral part of the game plan.  It will be a controlled passing game that will make use of Sammie Coates, Travon Reed, Ricardo Louis, Marcus Davis, Quan Bray, Jaylon Denson and  C.J. Uzomah.  The running game will be enhanced by the passing efforts by moving the LBs away from the line of scrimmage and making the DBs cover the whole field and open huge running lanes.

Sammie Coates - 115 yards receiving - 1 TD
CJ Uzamah - 1 TD
Ricardo Louis - 45 yards rushing
Corey Grant - 92 yards rushing
Tre Mason - 128 yards rushing - 2 TDs
Nick Marshall - 80 yards rushing, 190 yards passing - 4TDs (2 passing/2 rushing)

This will be a game for the ages and a wonderful way to write the end of the BCS.
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