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Monday, November 18, 2013

You Want Oregon? Really?

Toomer's Corner after the "Miracle in Jordan-Hare"

 I can't tell you the exact number of times I heard it this season, I can however tell you that many of my Alabama fan friends talked all preseason, and up until the Oregon loss to Stanford, that they wanted to play Oregon in the title game. Not "if" they got to play in the title game, when.

 Why not? ESPN was trying its best to arrange that very game. The big discussion every week on College Football shows centered around who Alabama was going to play for the title. Oregon it seems, was the likely choice. Don't get me wrong here, Alabama deserves all the media love they are getting. After all, they are the two time defending BCS title holder.

 Recently there has been a rash of signs from the fans that they, meaning their team "Wants Bama." I can assure you that most of them would lose rather emphatically. 

 All of that was to lead to this. We here at Auburn do not "Want Bama" nor do we desire to listen to the driveling media circus that this game will foster in the coming weeks. We get to play Alabama every year, and we don't need signs that state the need to. We understand, perhaps better than anyone else on Earth what it is like to play with Alabama.

 We have a heated rivalry with them, it is called the "Iron Bowl", maybe you've heard of it. We deal constantly with their fan base, we live in the same state as they do. Our neighbors are either 'Bama fans or Auburn fans. Even if you are an alum of another SEC school, you have a side in this game. It is that big, and always has been. That is why it has been named the greatest rivalry in college football.

 The players may be willing to play anyone. As a competitor you want to take on the best in the country. This year, two of the best in the country will go toe to toe. The last BCS Champion vs the last BCS Champion not named Alabama, our name is AUBURN!


PS: Auburn defeated Oregon in our BCS title game.

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