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Sunday, November 24, 2013

How Did We Get Here?

 This Auburn team has continued to improve throughout the season with great coaching. The players bought in to what they were being taught, and worked extremely hard all year to get where they have a chance to do what they came to Auburn to do, win championships. 

 It all started in December of 2012, with a group of young men not having any sense of direction, and knowing they were in for a change with the coaches who would lead them. Enter, Gus Malzahn.

 Like a Sheriff in an old western movie, Malzahn took command of his deputies first. He publicly stated that he was in charge, and that this was a "New Day" for Auburn. he then promptly fired all of the assistant coaches from the previous staff, and built an impressive staff of his own.

 Bringing two of Auburn's favorite sons back home to the Plains of Auburn, was the coup that no previous head coach could duplicate. Then the work began in earnest. Coach Malzahn even stated to the media that they had to do some "Dr. Phil" work on the psyche of this young team while they were selling them on the idea that if they would believe, they could achieve.

 The season start was a long way away, but you could see an improvement in the A Day spring game. Behind the scenes during the summer, the players were putting lots of hard work. Then the season was upon them.

 Lets look at this video playlist from Auburn Athletics and relive the memories of each game this season. These games are what has led us to this point. preparing for the "Epic Iron Bowl" that is to be played fittingly at Jordan-Hare stadium.

War Eagle!

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