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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


From Tiger Walk to the end of the game, let them Tigers hear you yell!

 9-1 record.
 A number 7 BCS ranking.
 The last two legs of "Amen Corner." Georgia coming to town Saturday. Those who must not be named, two weeks later. And what's on the line for Auburn? An SEC Western Division Championship and a berth in the SEC championship. Win that and a BCS berth is guaranteed. 
     Doing it with power football, Auburn has done what experts across the land said they couldn't do. They have put themselves into a situation where they control their own destiny. After last years 3-9 disaster few, outside of a few of us Auburn fans, were thinking this was more than a 6-7 win team. Then, we hired Gus. And you know what we all say now, In Gus We Trust. And why not. Auburn is doing it with a running game rarely seen in this day and age. Doing it with a bend but sure as hell won't break defense. And doing it week in and week out. 
     Two weeks ago it was a trip to Arkansas. 9 passes was all it took. Well, that and 233 yards rushing. This week it was Tennessee in Knoxville. How about 444 yards rushing. Yeah. That 55-23 score is looking pretty stout. What about only 6 first downs and 3 points, UT scored in the second half. The D rose up time and time again. They make the plays when necessary.
 They aren't flashy. They aren't perfect. But they sure are good when it counts. This whole team is good when it counts.
 Auburn did something that over 100 other Auburn teams had never done, return a kick off and a punt for a TD in the same game. Of course this time an NCAA record was set for return yard average. (Thank you Chris Davis and Corey Grant)
     So here come the dawgs. The Georgia Bulldogs will bring their newfound number 25 ranking into Jordan-Hare on Saturday. Winners of 6 of 7 against Auburn the dawgs seem to have our number. Could that be the case again this year? I don't think so. It isn't because we are stronger, faster, or bigger. It's because we are focused. Like the beam of light from a laser this Auburn team is focused on the tasks at hand. And this weeks task is to beat Georgia. 
     It's going to be a good one. The Deep South's oldest rivalry. The record is dead even. Georgia has owned the series the past 7 years. Time to take ownership back. Time to take control of our destiny. Time to put a beatdown on the dawgs. 
     The running game must produce against a better than average Georgia defense. The passing game needs to come alive. The defense must bet off the field on third down. The special teams must keep containment while also making a few plays of their own. But we all know this already. It has been discussed over and over. What really needs to happen is Auburn needs to simply man up. Smack some dawg tail and send them packing early. Don't give them a chance to claw their way back into the game. Demoralize them just as they did the Vols last week. Hit em hard. Hit em quick. Hit em continuously. Don't let up. Not even for a single play. 
     We the fans can make a significant contribution to the team this week. We can be loud. Not just when we are at the line is scrimmage but while Georgia is in the huddle. Make it where they can't even hear the play being called. Then really let them hear it when they get to the line. No audibles this week. Leave nothing in the stands. Lose your voice. It'll come back. Lose your mind. It's Auburn Football. STAND UP!!! Keep your butt out of those seats. Scream like you are running from Freddy Kruger and he's gaining in you. It's up to is the fans to make Georgia so miserable they don't even want to come back out after halftime. Time to GET LOUD!!
     Beating Georgia means a lot to Auburn fans everywhere. For the team this year it could mean an at large berth in the Sugar Bowl. Yes folks, a BCS game one year removed from the worst season I have ever witnessed. A trip to New Orleans. National recognition. A great start to next year. A year in which Auburn should be a favorite to win the National Championship. But here's the kicker with a few breaks here and there the sights may get set much higher before the end of this season. That's right. A possible BCS Championship Game appearance. 
     For now, let's not get ahead of ourselves. We have a formidable opponent coming into our beloved stadium. An opponent whose time has come for a beatdown. An opponent looking to end the Cinderella story that is Auburn Football 2013. An opponent that, like all but one before them, will ultimately fail to do. So, my wonderful Auburn Family, walk into Jordan-Hare Saturday ready for war. Be loud. Be strong. Stand and cheer. And in the end be Proud to be an Auburn Tiger. 

War Eagle everyone. 
Now let's Beat Georgia.
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