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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Never Back Down

I'll let someone else more gifted with words than I, use the title Miracle on the Plains.

I still don't think I have the words to describe this tonight. Excitement. Fun. Despair. Disbelief. Miracle.

This team- there is something about them. They haven't quit in ANY game they have been in this year. They just continue to reach in the bag for something else; just a little more. There isn't a name I can mention that hasn't given it everything in his soul. I haven't blogged much this season because of a variety of reasons. One being two classes for CEUs that are typing up my online time.  Tonight, I could not stay silent.

Starting from the Mississippi State game, this team has shown they have what it takes. They aren't flashy in any way other than the run. Then came Texas A & M. I was truly in disbelief after the game. I kept waiting for something to happen, a flag to be thrown. It didn't come. The climb started. I let myself get a little excited.  Since then, its been full-on motorboat 'Smokin' the Sound' kind of play. (Gulf Coast reference. If you don't know what it is, Google it and come see it sometime) And I LOVE IT!

There aren't really many things to call out individually. They have all added. For instance, even though Cody had a blocked FG tonight, he kicked all of his kickoffs out of the endzone. No chance for return. We didn't need Steven a whole lot tonight but that one punt, where it dropped on about the 5 was incredible. (Plus, did you see- a graduate student in Biomechanics with a 3.7. Are you kidding me?)  There is one play I want to point out specifically. Jay Prosch. There was a camera shot of him with about 4 mins to go. He looked completely gassed. He crouched down again and gave it all he had. Nick, Tre, Corey, Ricardo, Sammie, Dee, Reese- they all were all out. I know there were more. My mind is fuzzy now!
 I was heartbroken and yelling at the TV when they called it a touchdown, but deep within my soul, I kept thinking about Mississippi State. Then it looked like Nick was limping and I thought it might be over. Nope! Forget that!

I'd tell you everyday my favorite movie is Facing the Giants. "A miracle has occurred here tonight!"

Except the miracle wasn't JUST tonight. It's been everyday of these coaches and players working, fighting, playing and going all out. This turnaround has been a miracle. I'd be lying if I said the game in two weeks was just gravy. However, whatever happens, I love this team. They are Auburn men who have been brave and fought. I don't know about you- but

I believe in Auburn and LOVE IT!

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