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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reflections from the "Miracle Catch" Auburn vs. Georgia

NOVA photo by Todd Van Emst

 It was a historical night for auburn football and there was a football play that will always be remembered. I went to the game and the atmosphere was better than any other Auburn game that I have attended. I might add that I did not attend the 1989 Auburn/Bama game and I was told that it was very close.\
 I went over to the Auburn Arena to watch the 4th quarter thinking that the game was well in hand. I saw UGA fans exiting the stadium so I just wanted to sit back and watch the 4th quarter on the big screens in the Arena.
 The UGA comeback started and I could see the worried look on the faces of the Auburn fans. I do not think that Murray crossed the goal line; however, I am now happy that the play was ruled a touchdown because the Auburn pass play may have never happened. Also, Auburn would have had the ball near their own goal line and UGA would have had a good chance at getting the ball back with good field position.
 I was just starting to exit the Auburn Arena with a few other Auburn fans and we turned to watch the pass play by Nick Marshall. The pass was caught and it was bedlam in the Auburn Arena and you could hear the crowd roar across the street in the stadium. Auburn fans were hugging one another and I even had a few UGA fans say good game Auburn".
 I went up to Toomer's after the game and I was walking, I started wondering why I have such fond memories of the Auburn/UGA game. Here are my top three games that I have witnessed in this historic series in no particular order. I will say that I am leaning towards the 2013 game.

  1. 1978 - I had graduated from Auburn in 1976 and I went to the game with a group pf former classmates. The game was sold out and I was unable to get a ticket. Finally, I spotted one of my former professors at one of the gates and he asked if I wanted to of into the game. Of course, I took him up on his offer and I was able to see Auburn play in the "orange" jerseys and tie that game 22-22. At the time, I told my friends that it was the best game that I had seen in person. 
  2. 2004 - The crowd and atmosphere was electric and ESPN was set up in front of the coliseum that day. Several UGA friends bet me a dinner on that game, but I failed to take the bet. Auburn won that game 24-6 and I still remember the hit that Junior Rosegreen put on Reggie Brown. You could actually hear the collision from the stands. If that pass had been completed, the game may have been much closer. Auburn played well that afternoon and should have been given at a chance to play for the "Crystal Football". 
  3. 2013 - I am sure that we all expressed various emotions after this game was over. I experienced dealing with another loss to UGA to the thrill of winning all within a matter of minutes.  What a play and a catch! Some UGA fans called it luck, but I have never seen luck throw or catch a football.  

It is great to be an Auburn Tiger and I am just thankful that I decided to attend Auburn.

Now let's get ready for Bama!
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