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Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

This post is strictly on most things I'm grateful for in my life. Both everyday life and Auburn. 

First off, I am extremely thankful for my Wife, family, and friends. While serving in the Army, they have stood by my side in all aspects and respected my decisions along the way. Thankful that I wake up everyday and get to experience all aspects of life along the way. This time of year things can be brought into perspective and realize exactly how well we have it. So just take time throughout the day to pay respects and dues to those and things in our lives that have directly impacted us. 

The Auburn Family Thanks

Gus Malzahn- I think we are all thankful and grateful for Gus. He has give. everyone at the University and in our homes faith in the Tigers football program. It was especially hard to bare last years season but, with Gus on the Plains, there is new hope that anything is possible. AU new day is upon us.

Nick Marshall- After last season the number one concern was "Who will be the QB?". Marshall stepped up as a leader early and it paid off. He took the job and lead this new and improved offense into a HUGE threat. Certainly thankful for Nick Marshall.

The Backfield- Auburn's backfield has been phenomenal. Tre Mason has been explosive and demonstrated leadership in the backfield that doesn't even compare to where this team was last year. Corey Grant and Cameron Artis-Payne have also been magnificent. Grant as the speedster, has fit in for former speed back, Onterio McCaleb. Cameron Artis-Payne has been the more physical runner but, has also expressed just how fast he is once he gets in the open field.

Ricardo Louis- Enough said. Simply one of the reasons Auburn can say they won against Georgia a few weeks ago. Maybe the play of that resonates through Auburn history forever. Thank you Louis. Thank you.

The Defense- Ellis Johnson's philosphy has worked for Auburn. The Defensive Line has been outstanding and TFLs are through the roof. Freshmen play has been great as well. Thank you D for making us smile again.

The Rest- Certainly not to be forgotten. Cody Parkey has been AUTOMATIC all of his career. Chris Davis has also been a playmaker on D, as well as, the return game. Had a great career Davis and I know all of us appreciate you all. 

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