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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Thoughts: Thanksgiving

 This traditional American holiday was started as a way to thank God for leading us to the "New World" and to thank the Indians of New England for their hospitality. For me it means a time of retrospective thought. What am I truly thankful for in my life. Today, as we descend on another Thanksgiving holiday, I would like to share with you what I am thankful for, and as a new twist, what some of our contributors are thankful for. Feel free to add your thoughts in our comment section.

 I am thankful to my God first, for so many blessings that I am truly unworthy of. 
 For all of our country's great men and women in uniform serving to protect our country, preserve our way of life. From Firemen, Policemen, and those who volunteer, to the service men and women in our military. I give you my deepest, most sincere thanks.
 For my wonderful wife, who puts up with me, and this passion I have. 
 For my friends, and those friends online that I may never get to meet, yet make me feel welcome to be a part of their lives, and personal conversations.
 I am thankful for Auburn. A place of ideals that closely resemble my own.
 I am thankful for each of you that read our posts. With all of the options for your time, for you to take a small portion of it, to spend with us is heartwarming. We are forever grateful.
 I am thankful for Auburn sites such as The War Eagle Reader, and War Blogle, and Track Em Tigers. The Auburn beat writers all over the state like Ryan Black, James Crepea, Joel Erickson, and Brandon Marcello,  to name a few. These guys do the hard work of actually reporting the news of Auburn athletics. They make my "job" possible.

Austin adds:
 Tre Mason because he never gave up on Auburn or trying to achieve his goals. Last season Tre wanted the ball more, and reached the 1,000 yard mark. He is a class act.
 Gus of course, he has given hope back to the players, and the university.

Randy adds:
 I am thankful for my Mom's health. 
 Even though most of them are Alabama fans, a good family. 
 SEC football.
 All of my blessings including good health
 Being semi-retired

Christy adds:
  My family, my friends, and a job I love.
  That I live in a country where we can worship Jesus

 Mike adds:
 My beautiful wife, Cherryl.
 My brother-in-law, Shane () who has become my best friend as well. (Shane is married to Cherryl's sis).

Poetic Tiger adds:
I'm thankful for God and my family. I'm thankful for my health. AND Of course I'm very thankful for the current coaches who have rescued our Auburn Tigers and turned the team around!!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday,


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