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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Poetic Tiger: IRON BOWL 2013

We tamed the Mississippi State Bulldogs;
And silenced their annoying bells!
We defeated the Ole Miss rebels;
And played the LSU Tigers well!!

When we set back the Texas Aggies,
It caused Johnny football to be confused!
After slaughtering hogs, we climbed over ole rocky top,
Leaving the Volunteers feeling abused!!

We stunned and shocked the Georgia Bulldogs,
With a last minute miracle from an answered prayer!!
We strongly Believe now that we can turn back the Tide;
When we play the Iron Bowl at Jordan-Hare!!

For The Auburn Tigers it's a matter of mindset!
Our confidence is strong and We Believe, 
That with faith and trust in each other,
There is nothing that cannot be achieved!!

We look ahead with the "eye of the tiger"!;
and soar high on the "WAR EAGLE's" wings!!
Anxiously awaiting this championship fight,
and all the excitement that it brings!!

There is no limit to what we can accomplish!
When it comes to winning, no challenge is too great!!
We'll put the hammer down and We won't stop til we win!
So Bring on Bama, we can hardly wait!!!!

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