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Thursday, November 7, 2013

AU vs Tennessee Poem 2013

Let's give thanks for our great Auburn Tigers;
And for this brand new Auburn Day!
Once again it is fun to watch Tiger Football;
And look forward to Saturdays!!

Auburn Men say they're here by design,
And Family Honor and pride is what's at Stake!
So they use their talents to bring greatness to Auburn;
Knowing that God does not make mistakes!!

They have conquered many worthy opponents;
And have disturbed their happy homes!!,
Leaving behind a trail of destruction
Almost everywhere they have gone!!

To some they are known as "Home Wreckers"!,
While others call their game “Wrecking Ball”!!
They are intent to uphold their reputation ,
By remaining Fearless and standing tall!!!!

This Saturday morning in Knoxville will be no different,
When we conquer The Vols of Tennessee!!
Our Tigers will scratch and climb over Ole Rocky Top;
Claiming another AUBURN TIGER Victory!!!!!

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!
poetic tiger

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